Board & Volunteers

As a credit union, we have an all-volunteer Board of Directors.

What makes credit unions different from banks? Credit Unions are financial cooperatives that are democratically controlled by member-owners just like you. Banks have to go all corporate to make decisions, while our all volunteer board is made up of members from the Communities we serve. Best of all, they were elected to these positions by our members and make decisions on behalf of you because they know you and are you! The Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee all volunteer their time to monitor the operations, mission, goals and vision of the credit union while guiding us toward a brighter future.

Alhambra Credit Union is currently seeking members to join our volunteer Board of Directors.


The purpose of the Board of Directors is, on behalf of the membership, to ensure that the credit union reaches its objectives and long-term goals in the best interest of the membership. The Board meets once per month to review the progress of the credit union toward its strategic objectives. Volunteers need to be willing and able to devote the time and energy it takes to serve on various committees.

  • Expectations of a credit union volunteer are:
  • Believe in the credit union philosophy
  • Have a willingness to learn
  • Attend regular monthly Board meetings
  • Actively promote the credit union
  • Be a team player and act in the best interest of the membership


If you would like to be considered for a volunteer Board of Director position, please send a resume to the below address:

Alhambra Credit Union
 7339 N 35th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85051
ATTN: Eddie Moraga

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