Enjoy everyday convenience and security.

Branded specifically for Alhambra Credit Union, our Visa® debit card comes free with any checking account. 

Use your debit card to:

  • Conveniently take care of everyday purchases
  • Access cash at Alhambra Credit Union and CO-OP® Network ATMs
  • Safely tap into your checking funds without carrying cash or writing checks

Our debit cards now feature contactless technology!

Our Visa debit card now features contactless technology. You can still insert your EMV chip if you prefer, but now, you can also tap your card at the terminal for a quick, low-contact transaction experience.

For a contactless way to pay, simply:

  1.  Look for the contactless symbol at the register
  2. Tap your contactless Visa card on the checkout terminal
  3. That’s it! Your payment will be processed in seconds

For more information on our debit card, stop by and see a Member Representative, call 602-246-5120, or email us at info@alhambracu.com

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