Enjoy a range of safe and sound investment options that fit your needs when you open a money market account at Alhambra Credit Union. When you have $1,000 or more deposited in a money market account, experience the added benefits of increased flexibility and higher interest! 
Unlike funds placed in a term share account, money market funds can be withdrawn anytime without penalty. At Alhambra Credit Union, we make our money market accounts accessible for your convenience. With our money market account, enjoy the ability to add to your account at any time, earn interest on the day of deposit, and enjoy three (3) free withdrawals per month. money market accounts may not be accessed by ATM, point-of-sale, or Visa® check card.

For more information on our savings accounts, stop by and see a Member Representative, call 602-246-5120, or email us at info@alhambracu.com

*On any savings account or holiday share account; dividends are earned on the entire balance.

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