Card Management

Ensure safe, secure debit and credit card usage with the Alhambra Credit Union Wallet app. When you download this free tool, you’ll be able to:

  • Turn your cards on and off
  • Set up alerts for specific transaction types
  • Determine spending limits
  • Monitor transactions
  • And more

Define when, where, and how your cards are used with the Alhambra Credit Union Wallet app. 

Download for free from the App Store® or Google Play™. 

Note: You can also set card controls within the Alhambra Credit Union mobile app.

Manage My Cards Video

Digital Wallet

Did you know your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch likely is equipped with a mobile wallet? Simply register your Alhambra Credit Union cards to your preferred mobile wallet to start making safe and secure payments at checkout. Our cards are compatible with:

  • Apple Pay®
  • Google Pay™
  • Samsung® Pay
  • Fitbit Pay™
  • Garmin Pay™

Digital Wallet Video

Go Contactless

Contactless payment options are available on your Alhambra Credit Union Visa® debit and credit cards! Grocery stores, restaurants, and millions of other merchants around the world are now accepting contactless payments. For a convenient and secure way to pay at checkout, just:

  1. Look for the contactless symbol at the register
  2. Tap your contactless Visa card on the checkout terminal
  3. That’s it! Your payment will be processed in seconds

Your custom Alhambra Credit Union debit or credit card comes equipped with contactless technology – start using this convenient way to pay today!

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