What is the Annual Meeting Anyway?

The credit union Annual Meeting is the meeting of the membership. This is a massive part of what makes credit unions different from banks. At the Annual Meeting, the membership gets to choose the volunteer Board of Directors for the credit union. You also get to hear about the credit union leadership's plans for the year. You have the opportunity to be involved in making your credit union better!

Plus, you can meet the credit union’s Board of Directors, CEO, and Management Team. You also have the opportunity to hang out with the staff that you see in the branches and talk with them on the phone every day! Plus, you can meet with other credit union members. This, too, is a fundamental difference between a credit union and a bank; it’s what makes us a family!

Each credit union does things differently for its Annual meetings; at Alhambra Credit Union, every member receives a special gift just for attending, and our members are entered into prize drawings at the end of the meeting.

The annual meeting is one of the many benefits of credit union membership, and I encourage you to attend the meeting for Your Credit Union.



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